Candace Liddy Bronzes
          Candace Liddy Bronzes    

Artist Resin Horses

These horses originate from an original sculpture and are then cast by the artist, Candace Liddy.  Candace creates her own molds from a two part rubber material.  Each piece is carefully inspected for any flaws or mold imperfections.



Ter Na Nog


LB sized Thoroughgred Stallion

Running with all four feet off the ground.  Comes with supporting peg and base. Edition of 50 pieces


Price - 

Raw: $90

Painted, $170 and up.

Thoroughbred Stallion


TD Scale modeled after multiple graded stakes winner Come Summer

Raw Cast: $400

Painted: $425 and up


Soon to come he will be available in smaller sizes.

Painted as 2018 Kentucky Derby winner Justify

Portrait of Come Summer

#108 Somali

4 1/2 tall standing wild Somali Ass mare. Currently in productions.  $100 raw or $200 painted.

#110 Innova.  Stablemate sized grazing zebra mare.  Currently in production.  Raw cast: $80.  $140 and up for painted.

#112 Evo - Stablemate sized zebra walking foal.  Has lowered head turned slightly. Currently in production.  Raw Cast: $60 or $120 and up for painted. 

#86 - Fancy Feast. Stablemate sized zebra foal. Raw, $60, or $120 and up for painted resin.  This painted Fancy Feast is for SALE.

#111.  "Yarrah"  Stablemate sized zebra mare, looking slightly right.  In production for 2015.  Price Raw: $60. Painted $120 and up.

#107.  Op Art.  4 1/2" tall standing Grevy mare.  Size is LB

Currently in production.  Raw: $100.  Painted: $230 and up

#94 Zuka.  Stablemate sized Zebra mare standing, head down.  In production.  Raw: $70.00 Painted $140 and up.  Zuka to the left is painted as a melanistic zebra.

#75 - Whiskas, painted to a Eurythistic Grants Zebra.  

Stablemate sized. In production.  Raw $79.  Painted $140 and up.

This Whiskas is AVAILABLE.

#99 Seamus LB sized feather draft/Gypsy stallion.  In production.  Raw $140 Painted $230 and up.  

#96 Mama Mia - TD sized donkey jenny, walking.  Raw: $200 or Painted: $$275 and up.

Mama's ears can be placed upright or flat out, as pictures.  This can be done at time of production.  Just ask the artist.

#105 - Cocolona - Resin foal, 5" tall, shetland pony filly standing.  This one is painted black and white tobiano.


Priced at $100 for unpainted and  $240 on up for painted.  


The below painted resins may be available, inquire with Candace if interested.

#69 Cocolona painted in Chesnut Tobiano is NEWLY painted and available.


  #105 is painted in a pale chesnut/palomino solid.

Miss Sassafrass - TD scale loping mare.  Special run limtied and not to exceed twenty.  Each piece will be numbered.


Price: Primed special order - $375

Painted - $500 to 700.  


Pictured here is a sorrel paint stock mare

Kit Fox - Approximately LB scale mini version of resin Red Fox.  




Raw $ 140


#104 - Mandarb - Galloping Friesian stallion.  Close to classic scale.  

Prices:  $250.00 Raw; $325 painted black $340.00 - $380.00 for painted patterns.

#87 - Amisha. LB sized half rearing Marwari mare. 

In production. Prices: Raw, $80.  Painted $175 and up.

##79 Eshe.  TD sized Arabian brood mare, walking.

In production.  Raw, $375. Painted $575 and up.

#88 - Locked and Loaded. LB scale Molly mule kicking.  In production.

Prices: Raw, $80. Painted, $175 and up.

#81 - Minx TD scale standing stock filly, head down.  SOLD OUT.

Prices: Raw, $130.  Painted, $200 and up.


Some painted pieces may be available.  Inquire with artist

#82 - OJ, TD cat to go with Minx.  In production. Prices: Raw, $50.  Painted, $100 and up.

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