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Custom Resin


SM sized Hippogriff

painted black and purple. 



Custom Resin


SM sized Hippogriff

painted black and purple. 



Custom Resin


SM sized Hippogriff painted to a  blue sparkle.



Custom Resin


SM sized Hippogriff painted tan and yellow.




 TD sized foal that can be just about any breed.  Shown here painted in baby bay.


Price - 

Raw $140

Painted: $210 and up

Classic Sized Skeleton

Sculpted and cast by hand.  Can be used as a Halloween Prop, artist model and more.


 6 piece raw cast resin $90.00

Assembled $120.00

Note: An assembled skeleton model will  be more postage as it will require a larger box.



In addition to the classic sized skeleton horse, the next size is LB scale.







His name is "Bones".

 4 Piece Resin kit: $50

Assembled for you: $65

Assembled and painted: $80


Stablemate Sized Skeleton Horse:


 2 piece raw resin kit: $25

Assembled (raw, not cleaned up) $35

Assembled and painted for you: $80


Bantam Scale Skeleton Horse:


 2 piece raw resin kit: $20

Assembled for you (raw, not cleaned up) $25

Assembled and painted: $30.

Meet Lady Godiva and her horse.


Lady Godiva comes with a cape and cover which an easily be removed if you choose.


Priced at $165.00



Size is larger little bit sized trotting Fjord Stallion.  Picure is of the orginal sculture.  Tor is now being cast.

Price: Raw $115 or painted at $190

Introducing Tor's companion, "Inger".  Inger is larger little bit scale.  Price: Raw $115 or painted at $190.  Inger's mold still needs to be molded and then she will be cast by the artist.  Coming soon, Inger's foal.

Here is Tor and Inger's foal LEIF.  Leif is larger LB sized Fjord Foal.  Picture is of the original sculpture.  

Now taking orders for November delivery!

Prices: Raw, $90

Painted, $140.

While not Inger's foal, #120  Zahara is a little bit scale Zebra filly and will soon be molded and cast.  Prices: Raw $115 or painted at $190. The painted Zahara below is SOLD. The artist can create one just for you.  Inquire within. Zahara is painted as a melanistic Grants pattern zebra.













#128 Resin edition MOO calf curled up and sleeping.  



Raw: $120

Painted: $225.  Custom paint jobs are accepted.  Please contact Candace for more information.



#125 Resin Skeleton horses.

Cast in two pieces


#126 Resin Skeleton horse, bantam scale.  Cast in two pieces for assembly.



Price: Raw $20.00

Painted: $30














Introducing new resin edition #128 "Edgar".  Modeled after a real Lhasa Apso who was quite the character.


Long haired dog in playful pose.  Could also be a Bichon, Shihtzu, etc.


Raw $25

Painted $50


Custom paint jobs accepted.

New resin edition, "Pugsly"

#127.  1/12 scale Pug female in a standing pose.  


Raw: $25.00

Painted: $40

Updated 2/29/2020

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