1:9 Scale  Sized Skeleton


Sculpted and cast by hand.  Can be used as a Halloween Prop, artist model and more.

In addition to the 1;9 sized skeleton horse, there is also a 1:20, 1;32 and 1:64th scale






Size: 1:20 scale or equivalent to 

Breyer's "Little Bits" size


 4 Piece Resin kit: $50

Assembled for you: $65

Assembled and painted: $80


1:32 (same size as a Breyer Stableate) Sized Skeleton Horse:


 2 piece raw resin kit: $25

Assembled (raw, not cleaned up) $35

Assembled and painted for you: $80


Bantam Scale Skeleton Horse:


 2 piece raw resin kit: $20

Assembled for you (raw, not cleaned up) $25

Assembled and painted: $30.

Meet Lady Godiva and her horse.


Lady Godiva comes with a cape and cover which an easily be removed if you choose.


Priced at $165.00

#125 Resin Skeleton horses.

Cast in two pieces


#126 Resin Skeleton horse, bantam scale.  Cast in two pieces for assembly.



Price: Raw $20

Painted: $30


Coming soon:


1:12 scale lying down dog skeleton. Price $60


1:12 scale Mouse/rat skeleton, sitting up. Price $30


1:12 scale Vulture skeleton with adjustable wings. Price $35


These prices reflect the product is a raw casting that will need some clean up and assembly.  All raw cast products come with preppig instructions.

Painting and restorations are closed umtil further notice.

Painted pieces are available. Inquire within

Updated 6/2021

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