The history of how the "micro horse" and it's impact on the model horse hobby 

 In 1995, The Horse Collector, (HC) composed of John and Gail, approached Candace about doing the micro horses.  Every year prospective toys are marketed at one of several large Toy Fairs. The one most people want to use is in January in New York. This is where the various marketing buyers decide on the toys to carry each year, so it is a big show and very necessary to place toys in all the best outlets. All the sculpting had to be done before the end of the year which only left me 2 ½ months to complete them all and get them to China so prototypes could be shown at the Toy Fair in late January. 


Candace worked with John and Gail to start the process of drawing, sculpting and selecting  colors of the models. Candace created the micro horses in what is called a "2 up" size, which was 1:32 scale. These were pre-production models that was sent to China to be shrunken to actual size. Hense the name, "micro horse."


Through paintimg amd samples, Candace worked with production in China.  Their interpretation of horse colors was sometimes amusing as pre-production models were colored rather oddly, which included the dapples and markings. 


At the Toy Fair, several large retailers loved them and placed orders. It was now a race against time to get the models in production.

The following is from the website listed below and used with permission from Danielle Sever.




Breyer Mini Whinnie Reference Information:


A kind hobbyist who owns this site shared with Candace her referene info on the Mini Whinnie Series.

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