Specialty Art Work For Sale

Circus Wagon is SOLD.

This circus wagon set was created by the artist.  Each horse is a Create Micro Horse Perheron that was hand painted by the artist.  The harness setp up was done all by hand by artist. In the back ground, you can see the NAN placque that was earned a few years back.  Considerd to be "live show" quality.  Please contact the artist for pricing and shipping.

This piece was painted by the artist.  It is a Peter Stone plastic model horse and the size is equilalent to the Breyer "traditioal size" model .  The artist was commissioned by Mr. Peter Stone to represent the Spanish Mustang.  This particular piece was painted after the real "San Domingo".

Item # 115 and $116Horus - 1/12 scale saluki male.  

Prices: Raw, $70, painted $150 and up.

Below painted Horus and Isis are for sale.

Beau and Belle.


Beau is a 1/12th scale standing male bloodhound.  Prices: raw $70  painted $150 and up.  Below painted Beau are #113 when inquiring


Belle is a lying down 1/12th scale bloodhound female.  Raw $70 painted $150 and up.  Item # 114.  Below painted pieces are available.


Puddy and Mischief


#117 Puddy is a 1/12th scale walking long hair cat.  Raw $50, painted $75


Mischief is a 1/12th scale standing short hair car.  Raw $50, painted $75


#118 Tat, (curled up and sleeping) painted in calibo and orange tabby FOR SALE

 #117 Puddy painted in silver pointe Himalayan and Calico FOR SALE

#94 - Wells Fargo Stage Coach.  ONE OF A KIND ARTWORK.


Details of each team, from leaders to swing team to wheel team including all figures are ONE OF A KIND.  The Coach is from Franklin Mint with some repainting customizing and detailing.


All original sculpting for:


Running gear such as tongues, single and double trees, etc.


All six horses in a different pose.


Four people includes, driver, guard, Mom and child.


All detailing such as chains, tugs, harness reins and fitting all hand made from real leather with cast brass metal pieces, for the discriminating collector.


Priced at $12,000.

Restorations are available. Please contact Camdace for more information.

Updated 8/11/2023


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