Artist Resin Zebras

#86 - Fancy Feast. Stablemate sized zebra foal.



Raw: $60, or $120 and up for painted resin.  


This painted Fancy Feast is for SALE.

#94 Zuka.  Stablemate sized Zebra mare standing, head down.  In production.  Raw: $70.00 Painted $140 and up.  Zuka to the left is painted as a melanistic zebra.

#107.  Op Art

1:20 Scale, 4 1/2" tall standing Grevy mare

Currently in production.  


Raw: $100

Painted: $230 and up

#110. "Imnova 1:32 scale grazing mare

Currently in production


Raw: $80

Painted: $100 to $140


#111.  "Yarrah"  Stablemate sized zebra mare, looking slightly right.  In production for 2015.  Price Raw: $60. Painted $120 and up.

#112 Evo - Stablemate sized zebra walking foal.  Has lowered head turned slightly. Currently in production.  Raw Cast: $60 or $120 and up for painted. 

#75 - Whiskas, painted to a Eurythistic Grants Zebra.  

Stablemate sized. In production.  Raw $79.  Painted $140 and up.

This Whiskas is AVAILABLE.

#110 Innova.  

1:32 Scalegrazing zebra mare.

 Currently in production


Raw cast: $80

Painted:  $140 and up 

#94 Zuka

1:32 Scale zebra mare

Currently in production


Raw: $80

Painted: $140 and up.

#120  Zahara is a 1:20 scale Zebra filly.

Currently in production


Prices: Raw $115 or painted at $190.


The painted Zahara below is SOLD. The artist can create one just for you.  Inquire within. Zahara is painted as a melanistic Grants pattern zebra.


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