Micro Horses and the Gold Standard Creata Line

There are four 1:9 scale model horses also created by Candace for The Horse Collector. All of them had inter-changeable manes, tails and forelocks, all of which was patented by Candace. Included is a scan of the four that were especially produced for the Artisan Gallery during Breyerfest 1996.


Department store Target also carried the four Create horses but becuase of production issues, they were discontinued.


Notes from Candace on these:


The Gold Standard horses were my idea alone. I had been toying with the idea of interchangeable manes and tails for some of my new resins. I had hired a patent attorney in early 1997 and he was in the process of getting that for me. When John and Gail saw my prototypes, they were intrigued and asked if they could go in with my patent. They wanted to make the horses in OF plastic and sell to the large retailers etc. We spent many hours sitting down and designing all the horses. They started out first as simple line drawings suggestions and we winnowed it down to 4 poses. We decided on the actual breeds, the tack and all that would come with the horses in their boxes. A meeting was held with the Creata Officials who were given all the specs, the color overlays of the horses and everything else.


There were six SR Gold Standard horses. The first and second were using the TB mold. One was colored as a very dark/black dappled grey named Licorice ( named by me) who came with the Leather English tack. The other was a blood bay tobiano pinto named Millies Cherry Drop. She came with a unique rose braided mane and tail set. She was named by John after a good friend of his. Next came two versions of the Arabian stallion mold, the first done in dove grey called Misty Dawn, ( a group consensus name) and came with the leather English tack and a special second set of braided M/T. The other Arabian came in a deep red chestnut named Kerry’s Jubilee after my sister who was so instrumental in these getting done by helping me so much in the studio! He came with the leather western tack set 


The year we did the SR horses, 1998, I was running the Artisan Showcase in Lexington for the second year after taking it over from Carol Williams. It was held in the Ramada Hotel across the freeway from the Holiday Inn. It has had several name changes since then, possibly it is now the La Quinta? I had a separate room across from the main ballroom and I intended to use it to debut the SR Gold Standard and Micro horses. I asked for the first 30 horses off the production line of the SR horses. I intended to S/N them and sell them as the very, literally, first of the SR GS horses. The production of the GS  SR horses from Creata was delayed several times, each time we reminded them that they had strict deadlines to keep for Target and for myself! If it wasn’t the box that was wrong it was something else.  They had been told that I needed all my stock by July 1st at the latest so I could pack and get ready for Breyerfest. Delay after delay happened and I was sure I would have no stock at all for BF. At last I was faxed a shipping order that said the horses would clear customs in Chicago two days before BF was to begin! YIKES! 


Micro horse and Create Pretty Change manes and tails brochure
FedEx Scan 2021-07-12_11-30-16.pdf
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